EasyTeam Trademark Policy

1. Introduction

Staffy Online LTD ("Company"), operating under the brand name EasyTeam, owns various trademarks and intellectual property assets. This Trademark Policy ("Policy") outlines the guidelines and restrictions for using the Company’s trademarks or any branding ("Trademarks") associated with the Company.

2. Ownership and Trademark List

The Company owns all rights, title, and interest in the Trademarks. The Trademarks include, but are not limited to, the EasyTeam name, logo, other designs, and any words or symbols suggesting the origin of the Company's products and services.A non-exhaustive list of such Trademarks includes the following:
- EasyTeam®
- The EasyTeam logo

3. Use of Trademarks

Authorized Use: Employees of Staffy Online LTD are allowed to use the Trademarks in professional communications and documents pursuant to Company guidelines and must ensure that the Trademarks are used to promote the Company's products or services directly. Authorized partners and affiliates may use the Trademarks solely in ways specified in their partnership or affiliate agreements and must adhere to the branding guidelines provided by the Company.

General Restrictions: The Trademarks may not be altered in any way that misrepresents the Company, including but not limited to modifying the Trademarks’ colors, font, or proportions. No person or entity may use the Trademarks in a manner that implies an affiliation with, or endorsement by, the Company without explicit written consent from the Company. The Trademarks must not be used in any way that disparages the Company or its products and services.


EasyTeam logo with icon graphicEasyTeam logo with icon graphic besides the EasyTeam textEasyTeam logo with icon graphic above the EasyTeam text

4. Guidelines for Proper Use

Proper Marking: Every use of the Trademarks should be followed by the proper trademark symbol (® or ™) according to the status of the mark’s registration.

Attribution: All products, packaging, manuals, advertisements, promotional materials, and websites that use the Trademarks should include the following trademark attribution notice:"EasyTeam is a trademark of Staffy Online LTD."

5. Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized use of the Trademarks may result in legal action. The Company reserves the right to challenge any improper or unauthorized use of the Trademarks to preserve the reputation and identity of the brand.

6. Reporting Misuse

Please report any violations of this Policy or unauthorized uses of the Trademarks to the Company’s Legal Department at legal@easyteam.com

7. Modifications to This Policy

The Company may modify this Policy at any time. All authorized users of the Trademarks will be notified of these changes and expected to comply with the revised Policy.

8. Contact Information

For any questions or requests for permission to use the Trademarks, please contact:

Staffy Online LTD - Legal Department